About Us

Everything you need to know about Metalmorphosa

Why Choose Us

We, a creative mind and a technical wiz are the force behind Metalmorphosa.
We met because of the passion we share for creating special things and our mutual love for weathered steel.
We both care for details because a detail isn’t a detail anymore if it makes the difference between ordinary and perfection!

Our Mission

Beauty of it that it is completely recyclable thus making it an sustainable and environmentally friendly material. We hope we can be your partner in making something truly special for your home or business. Please contact us for further information

What we Do

We offer our customers a unique chance to obtain something exclusive, something which is made by combining the latest technology with ancient handcraft. We are proud of our creations because each piece is unique and made with passion in our workshop in Langdorp, Belgium. A modern craft would be a fine description of what we do, and we do it with one of the most sustainable and beautiful materials on our planet: iron.

Some of our projects

Awesome projects that we have contributed to. Proudly!